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Beyond the deaths directly caused by the new coronavirus, more than 134,200 people have died from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia since March in the United States, according to a count prepared by The Washington Post, based on federal data.

This supposes 13,200 more deaths than expected from this cause, compared to previous years.

This people have not died directly from covid-19 but for other reasons related to isolation. In recent months, doctors have reported an increase in falls, lung infections, depression and sudden frailty in patients who had been stable for years, the Post notes.

The United States has tallied tens of thousands of excessive deaths since the pandemic began. These are deaths not directly attributed to the coronavirus and that occur due to causes such as hypertension or sepsis. But they are occurring at much higher levels than in the past, experts say, in part due to indirect effects of the pandemic: hospitals that are at full capacity or care that is being delayed.

Among the causes of excess deaths, dementia is the one that has produced the most, by farmore than the next two categories: diabetes and heart disease combined.

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