Trump, Duda Agree on Dealing for 1,000 More US Troops in Poland


WASHINGTON – President Trump signed an agreement to send 1,000 extra soldiers in Poland to Poland with his Polish colleague who was visiting a military trip at the White House thanks to his commitment to buy F-35 jet fighters .

“It goes to another era,” said Polish President Andrzej Duda on Wednesday.

The agreement does not establish a permanent U base troops, as Polish officials, at a new compound, asked that Polish officials named “Fort Trump.” Mr Trump said to reporters, “I have no involvement in nomination. ”

Since 2017, the United States has maintained around 4,000 troops in the Polish countryside. The new troops would not be combat troops but “empowered forces” in their place to hire jobs like drones and undertake logistics, a US official said.

A timetable for the arrival of troops was not announced, and Mr Trump said that forces could be built from other bases in Europe, specifically mentioning Germany, which, as Poland, ally North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

“As you know, we have 52,000 troops in Germany, and Germany is not keeping up with what they think NATO is going on, and Poland,” Mr Trump said, a. repeatedly asked NATO members to contribute more to military spending.

Poland is one of seven NATO allies that met a target of military expenditure of 2% of gross domestic product. Germany was 1.23% in 2018, according to the NATO annual report published in March. The US was. at 3.39% GDP, headed by all NATO countries.

Mr Duda's main objective in foreign policy was to reinforce the American military presence in Poland. Many Polish look at the United States.

Shortly before Rose Garden's news conference, Mr. Trump and Mr Duda on the South Lawn and looked like F-35 changed, thanks to Polish plans to buy more than 30 of the Lockheed Martin Corp-buy fighters. “I commend President Duda's efforts to strengthen and modernize the protections of Poland,” said Mr Trump.

Both countries made further agreements on Wednesday, including one for further cooperation in the development of the Polish civil nuclear program. Poland also signed a contract to purchase 2 billion extra cubic meters of liquefied natural gas from US firms, Mr Trump said, valued at $ 8 billion.

Leaders discussed the US consideration of allowing Poland to approve the visa waiver program, which enables citizens of the participating countries to visit the United States without a visa.

Mr Trump visited Warsaw in July 2017, and on Wednesday he said he is thinking of a return trip in September.

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