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Trump follows through on his threat and freezes US funds to WHO

With the economy swaying, criticism mounting, and his reelection at stake, Donald Trump prepares to reopen the country state-by-state before the end of the month, delegating responsibility to governors and shifting the blame onto the World Health Organization ( WHO) for failing to sound the alarm on time and not being “nice” to him in criticizing his decisions. Yesterday he followed up on the threat to freeze funds for the organization, of which the United States is its main contributor with $ 553 million. The president described his handling of the crisis as “serious” and “bad” and accused him of “covering up” the expansion of the coronavirus. He is investigating the international organization, he said, “to see if it has a solution,” because otherwise the suspension will be permanent.

The measure came at the time that New York exceeded 10,000 deaths, of the 25,000 that the United States has, and 600,000 confirmed cases. With the food chain in danger of shortages as the epidemic spreads in factories, the president will let each state decide on its own reopening schedule and vows to punish them if they make a mistake. In reality, he has no legal authority over the states, but Trump was not talking about legality, but about blackmail. “They will not rebel, they need a lot from the federal government, and not just money, advice, medical equipment and much more. If they don’t obey, they won’t have it ».

The president distances the possible reestablishment of flights with Spain: “I would not say that he is doing very well at the moment”

In the coming days, he will speak with the governors to establish a reopening schedule, which does not include for now restoring passenger traffic to Spain, Italy and other countries severely affected by the pandemic. “I would not say that Italy is doing very well right now,” he justified. “I would not say that Spain is doing very well right now. And France has just extended its order of confinement ». The president says he is closely watching “how the countries that are reopening are doing,” although yesterday he preferred “not to say names.”

His advisers had warned him that if he ordered to return to work too soon, the epidemic would flare up and he would pay for it at the ballot box. Hence, it has decided to derive responsibility in the states, to which it also delegates the task of doing enough diagnostic tests on a regular basis to control the epidemic, and to rely on a reopening panel that will include the holders of the economic portfolios of its Government. That group of loyalists will be accompanied by his daughter Ivanka Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, his most nationalistic economic adviser, Peter Navarro, and his friend and financial adviser Larry Kudlow.

Cough panic

In New York, where the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, has already finished the school year, Governor Andrew Cuomo says that he will be the one to make the decision in coordination with the governors of neighboring states – New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont and even Rhode Island and Delaware – with the date of May 1 on the horizon. For Cuomo, parents cannot be sent to work without reopening schools because then they would have to stay home to take care of them.

In the west of the country, California, Oregon and Washington also act in unison, but despite having the epidemic more controlled than New York, Californian Governor Gavin Newsom warned yesterday that things could not be as before. It’s time to rearrange workspaces, classrooms and even airplanes to maintain safe distances. Coughing in public will be cause for widespread panic. Restaurants, theaters and even entertainment parks will have to start taking their clients’ temperatures before letting them in, although experts warn that this measure will not be enough to isolate those who suffer from the virus asymptomatically.

Obama will remove his gloves in campaign

Cautious while in power, and even more so since he left him, Barack Obama has measured his few pronouncements to follow the tradition of other presidents who did not want to interfere in the government of his successor. Even when this one is erratic like Donald Trump, who has dismantled his legacy and does not waste opportunity to criticize him.

Without mentioning it, Obama took advantage yesterday of a video message he has recorded in support of the candidacy of his former vice president, Joe Biden, to put things in their place and find hope in this pandemic, “which has the virtue of separating the grain from the chaff , between noise and propaganda, to remind us of what is important ». And the bottom line is that ‘data and science matter. Good governance matters, the law matters. Having honest and informed leaders who try to unite people instead of dividing them. It was the first dart to Trump’s heart, a president allergic to criticism.

Obama preferred to focus on the benefits of his former squire to attest how much he helped him in the country’s government for eight years, but he announced that during the electoral campaign with Trump he will remove his silk gloves and put on his boxing gloves. “We need all Americans to unite in a grand awakening against policies that have too often been characterized by corruption, indifference, disinformation, ignorance, and simple meanness.” For that Biden has to win over the progressive wing of the party, who opted for Sanders in the primaries to make the social revolution. Obama assured them that his government will be more progressive than his, because he himself would not carry out the 2008 campaign today. “Even before this pandemic turned the world upside down, it was clear that we need a structural change” that tackles social inequalities .


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