Trump hopes that the dinner did not go out in Australia


The president and his wife, Melania, welcomed the leader from Down Under and his wife Jenny, earlier on Friday, to the state visit with a fun arrival ceremony on the South Lawn. The maritime bonds of the two aunts of the two nations, who had 19 guns saluted and inspected the troops, were shown. Hundreds of guests, including school children waiving Australian and American pies, were available to welcome them.

The second prime minister is the foreign leader who receives the high diplomatic honor of U.S state visit during Trump administration.

After the arrival ceremony, Trump and Morrison went in to start their talks, the wives repaired the tea and the White House team started work to change the famous garden just outside the Oval Office into the center. best dining in the home air – for one night.

The guests will sit at a mix of round and rectangular tables dominated by white and green drapes in honor of Australian national colouration and fire on sun ravioli, Dover single and apple tart. Temporary floors were laid on the grass.

California has more than 2,500 yellow roses and a national Australian flower involving dinner centers, and the golden cloth, and the garden itself will be decorated with white and yellow roses. Music groups from the US military will provide entertainment.

The big names that may be on the strictly maintained hospitality list, along with the designer and the first woman's night dress are still known. But names of some of the people who intend to attend are trickled out, including the Australian golfer Greg Norman, a friend and Trump golf partner sometime; Roy Blunt Republican Republic of Missouri; and Lachlan Murdoch, CEO of Fox Corp., parent of Fox News Channel, one of the presidencies, cable television networks.

“It's so beautiful and it will be so different,” Trump said about his first state dinner in more than a year, noting that he had practiced practice. “And we look forward to the skies and we hope it won't rain. And if that is okay, because it will work out too. ”

Morrison, who held office for a little more than a year, thanked Trump for the “great honor”.

At an afternoon news conference in the East Main Chamber, Trump said that he and the prime minister spoke about “everything you can talk about,” including military and trade issues. Morrison said that he and the president share “passion for the job” and praised Trump for his record of job creation.

Trump continued his ideas about dinner that could be washed out.

“Based on all the money we spend on all weather forecasting equipment, there is no chance of rainfall. We see if that is right, ”he said before he confirmed six seconds later“ it's not for rain. It will be a beautiful evening. ”

On a great day for diplomacy, Morrison and his wife also worked in lunch of the Department hosted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Australia recently received a US state visit in 2006, when Prime Minister John Howard was presented by President George W. Bush.

When it comes to state dinners, Trump seems to be better at last.

He was an honorable guest on state visits to Japan and Britain this year alone, as well as other visits in his first two years in office, including to Beijing on what China contributed with "state visit, plus."

Trump was the first state visitor to French President Emmanuel Macron last year.


Golf Writer AP Doug Ferguson and associated Associates Deb Riechmann, Laurie Kellman and Kevin Freking in Washington contributed to this report.


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