Trump: if Tehran "wants to fight", it will be "the official end of Iran"


New intimidation of Donald Trump on Twitter. The US president threatened Iran with destruction on Sunday in case of an attack on US interests. "If Iran wants to fight, it will be the official end of Iran. No more threats against the United States, "the head of state said in the middle of a salvo of missives mixing national politics, diplomacy and media agenda.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran have intensified in recent days, as the United States has announced the deployment of the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers in the Gulf, citing "threats" from the United States. Iran.

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, however, downplayed Saturday the possibility of a new war in the region. After a visit to China, Mr. Zarif said he was "certain (…) that there would be no war, because we do not want a conflict and since no one has any illusions about its ability to confront Iran in the region. "

Iran partially breaks away from nuclear deal

US-Iranian relations are at their lowest since President Trump decided a year ago to withdraw from the international agreement reached in 2015 to limit the Iranian nuclear program in exchange for a lifting of sanctions against Teheran, and since the reinstatement of US economic sanctions against Iran last November. The United States, for example, has stepped up its "maximum pressure" campaign by announcing at the end of April the end of the exemptions that still allowed eight countries to buy Iranian oil without exposing themselves to US extraterritorial sanctions.

In response, Iranian President Hassan Rohani announced that Iran would break two commitments under the deal and issue an ultimatum to its European partners to the agreement (France, Germany and the United Kingdom). ), giving them two months to really get the banking and oil sectors out of their isolation caused by US sanctions.


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