‘Trump makes me laugh, he’s a comedian’: Johnny Depp

A month and a half after the presidential elections in the United States, Johnny Depp, looking better than in recent times, attacked Donald Trump at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, held in northern Spain, in which he presented a documentary , of which he was also the producer.

“I see Trump speak and I start to laugh (…) It’s good quality comedy,” Depp said at the press conference for the film’s world premiere Crock of Gold, about the leader of the 80’s Irish musical group The Pogues.

“I’m sure (Trump) is capable of going to the bathroom alone (…) he has to have an incredible sense of humor,” said Depp, who avoided commenting on his political preferences in his country, underlining, rudely, that he did not politics matter.

“I am not that political, especially when it comes to the US. Divide and conquer, I do not know, people are panicking, they are being fed with fear, fear, so politics is good for me. I would like to remove the fear and fear of people and that they do not feel in a situation of danger, but I do not think he is capable “added the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean.

“I don’t consider myself an artist”

The statements about Trump were not the only strong that Depp made yesterday during his visit to the San Sebastian Festival. The 57-year-old actor also spoke about his profession, fame and Hollywood.

“I don’t consider myself an artist,” declared Johnny, stating that “the most important thing for anyone who does this is not to consider yourself a Hollywood celebrity. That is really death and it is grotesque ”.

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Depp, who arrived two hours late to meet the press, with a glass of white wine in hand and asking permission not to wear a mask, did not avoid talking about an episode he had with drugs with the protagonist of his documentary, the singer and “poet”, according to Depp, Shane MacGowan.

The actor recounted that MacGowan gave him some pills in Dublin, Ireland, and when he regained consciousness, three days had passed and he was in a tub in the south of France.

Irish legacy

Johnny expressed that “in a way I have been an extra in this movie for the last 35 years. I wanted the world to see who Shane MacGowan is and what his legacy was. He is one of the greatest poets of all time. “


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