Trump recommends Kentucky ahead of state voting: Send Democratic impeachment message


LEXINGTON, Ky. (Reuters) – Under siege in an impact inquiry, President Donald Trump urged voters in Kentucky Monday to send a message against him in Washington when he voted for the re-election of Tuesday's Republican governor of the state.

It was a clear attempt by Trump with thousands of supporters to hold the governor's election in Kentucky on his presidency as he sought to survive a quest for evasion in the Democratic-led Civil Representatives' House.

“Tomorrow, Kentucky has an opportunity to send a message,” Trump said.

Kentuckians must re-elect Bevin, Trump said, or others say: “Trump has suffered the greatest victory in world history. … You can't let that. ”

With hours to go before Kentuckians go to the polls, Trump's last minute tour was aimed at the state to convince Bevin of his Democratic opponent, the Attorney Andy Beshear.

Bevin is probably the least popular regulator of the country, according to opinion polls, after harmful battles with trade unions and labor teachers. But he has taken a short time on Beshear in recent weeks after defending Trump vigorously against the investigation of contagion.

Brought to the stage by Trump, Bevin said that Kentuckians should make it clear that Kentucky is a Republican state and that “we support the US President, Donald Trump.” T

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, was a Kentucky Republican, very silent about the crisis around Trump. If the House votes to approve clearing goods, the Senate would then hold a Republican ruling to dispose of the president.

McConnell spoke of the conservative judges who confirmed the Seanad during the Trump presidency and said: “Mr. President, I thank you for making America great again. ”

Trump is in the middle of a week's blitz trying to help Republican candidates in Mississippi, Kentucky and Louisiana in elections.

The win of its political positions and its re-election expectations could strengthen in 2020 as the prosecution boosts risks. Losses could be seen as a sign of weakness for the Republican president.

Last Friday, he conducted a campaign in Tupelo, Mississippi, for Tate Reeves Republican in the state controller race against the Jim Hood Democrats. On Wednesday, he will be in Monroe, Louisiana, to support Eddie Rispone Republican in his campaign to reach Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards.

Trump was fighting against satisfaction in light at his rally in the Lexington area. Taken behind Trump there were many supporters wearing white T-shirts on the slogan: “Read the transcript.”

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Trump believes that the transcript of his phone call in July 25 with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy condemned him for any guilt in the clearing probe, which is aimed at asking Ukraine's former Vice President Joe Biden, to question a democratic democratic contest.

Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky urged Republicans to convince the Democrats to submit the whistleblower who made his complaint about Trump with Zelenskiy.

Paul also urged US news organizations to print the name of the whistleblower.

Reporting by Steve Holland; Edited by Peter Cooney

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