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The ex-president’s defense considers the impeachment procedure unconstitutional. Prosecutors’ request to speak during the trial is a “PR stunt”, lawyers said

Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters

Former US President Donald Trump will not testify before the US Congress as part of an impeachment procedure. reported CNN’s advisor is Jason Miller.

“The president will not testify in an unconstitutional trial,” Miller said.

Earlier, prosecutors from the US House of Representatives sent a letter to Trump demanding that he testify under oath as part of the impeachment proceedings from February 8 to 11. Prosecutors also indicated that they have the right to regard the ex-president’s possible refusal as evidence in favor of his guilt.

Trump’s lawyers Bruce Castor and David Sean called the prosecutors’ request to act in the process as a “PR stunt”. “As you definitely know, this unconstitutional procedure simply cannot lead to any negative conclusions,” the lawyers said. According to them, congressmen cannot prove their accusations against Trump, and “using the Constitution to conduct the so-called impeachment procedure is too serious a matter to try to play these games.”

Recognize Trump’s impeachment procedure earlier called on Republican Senator Rand Paul. He pointed out that since the former president no longer holds public office and is a private person, there is no point in impeachment. The Senate did not support Paul’s initiative.


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