Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Trump trunks for financing the wall, recasting criminal justice. But the wall is what captivates him the most.

KANSAS CITY, MONTH – In the last days of the year, President Trump has two legislative priorities on which he wants Congress to act: approve billions of dollars to finance a border wall and adopt a radical revision of laws and regulations. penitentiary systems of the country.

Here, Trump has shown what question captivates him the most.

In front of a crowd of law enforcement officials, Trump briefly touched on the criminal justice bill, which garnered support from an influential coalition from left to right. He then spent much more time – at least six minutes of his 26-minute speech – alerting on the dangers of illegal immigration and promoting the creation of a border-wall that legislators refused to finance at the time. Trump's discretion.

"Congress needs to fully fund border security in the year-end funding bill. We have to get there, "said Trump at a conference organized by the Justice Department. "They play political games. I actually think the politics of what they do is very bad for them. "

Referring to the imminent confrontation with the border wall, Trump added: "We will find out very soon. Maybe I'm not right. But usually, I'm right.

Trump and his rise were better defined than immigration, which has long been at the center of his campaign speeches, his political agenda and his struggles for foreign policy, especially with Mexico. In his speech at the Safe Neighborhoods Project 's national conference, Trump also sentenced local sheriffs and police chiefs who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities and pleaded for the move to a safe harbor system. merit based immigration.

Trump lobbied for "fully funding" Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and detention beds, while warning of dangers in the caravan of migrants traveling through Mexico and proclaiming that "immigration illegal is a threat to the well-being of every American. "

"US politicians should protect American citizens, not criminal aliens," said Trump. "No more than an American life should be stolen because of radical politicians pursuing their agenda of open borders."

Although Congress has avoided a partial closure of the government on Friday with a bill funding it for two more weeks, lawmakers and Trump are still fighting over funding for border security to provide while the president continues to demand more funding. Money through public comments and his Twitter feed. Proponents of the criminal justice bill also want to send the measure to Trump before the end of the year, before the Democratic-led House takes an oath and demands deeper changes that would be anathema to the Senate headed by the Republicans.

Senator Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), Trump's close ally who helped draft the sentence and recast the prison, suggested combining the two. Graham spoke with the president on Friday and said Trump would support the addition of the criminal justice bill to the spending measure to be passed by December 21.

But this could raise fears of a partial closure of the government given the deep opposition of many Republican senators to the criminal justice bill. Congressional officials said Friday that the possibility of attaching the criminal justice bill to the spending bill was not under discussion.

One of the reasons for focusing on the criminal justice bill in Trump's speech on Friday at a pretentious ballroom filled with lawyers, police chiefs and police other officials on trial, could be that the law has divided the police force. The influence of the fraternal police order approved the bill and its leader, Chuck Canterbury, appeared alongside Trump when the president approved the bill last month.

But the National Sheriffs Association, which has considerable influence over conservative Republicans in the Senate, is opposed to the bill and has proposed a number of changes that would convince the hesitant GOP senators while almost certainly splitting the bipartisan coalition behind The law project.

The First Step Act makes radical changes to existing sentencing legislation to relax certain mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug and other offenses, while incorporating several changes to the prison system. to help the inmates and reduce the risk of re-offending.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who opposed previous versions of the re-sentencing, announced Friday that he would support the revised version. The bill is currently sponsored by 34 co-sponsors of the project. His supporters claim that he could collect more than 80 votes in the Senate when he was put to the vote.

"We all benefit from the moment when those who have served their sentences can find a job, support their families and stay in prison, is not it? That's what we want. Stay out of jail, "Trump told the law enforcement conference on Friday. "That's why I called on Congress to adopt the First Step Act so more inmates will get the skills they need to become productive and law-abiding citizens."

But the Bill backed by Trump has profoundly upset the Republican Senate. The bill has powerful supporters, but also powerful opponents and lawmakers who wonder why the Senate is considering passing the bill by the end of the year.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Told the White House and its allies that a vote on the criminal justice bill would be unlikely in the last weeks of the year while other key legislative projects compete with those of Congress. Warning.

Late Friday, Trump asked McConnell to hold his vote on the bill.

"Hopefully Mitch McConnell will ask for a vote on criminal justice reform," he tweeted. "He is extremely popular and enjoys strong bipartisan support. It will also help many people, save taxpayers money and keep our communities safe. Go Mitch!


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