Trump will take 500 "paperless" per month to Democratic cities

Given the collapse of immigration reception and internment centers on the border, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has given the order that every month undocumented migrants, in batches of 500, to counties with a Democratic majority in the country. state of Florida, which has provoked an angry protest from opposition leaders.

Frustrated by what he denounces as the lack of collaboration on the part of the Democrats, the president had already threatened in the past to transport thousands of "undocumented" to cities governed by the opposition. At the moment, it has already authorized the sending of 500 immigrants a month to the counties of Broward (north of Miami) and Palm Beach, both with a Democratic majority.

The White House has not reported these plans, which were revealed on Thursday by the authorities of the affected counties, which have been informed by letter by the federal government of the imminent arrival of these asylum seekers who have arrived in the United States. illegally crossing the border with Mexico. These authorities officially assure that they will attend all those who arrive.

Political manipulation
«This is typical of Trump. It is impossible to invent something like that, "says Gary Farmer, who represents Broward County in the Florida state senate. "It's pure political manipulation, something ridiculous. They will not say it that way, but it is nothing more than sending these immigrants to counties with a clear Democratic majority in a state as important in elections as Florida. "

Miami-Dade County, which is also solidly Democratic, but where there are enclaves of Cuban and Venezuelan immigrants that are crucial for Trump, is getting rid of the shipment. In that county resides, in fact, the influential republican senator Marco Rubio and its mayor is the republican Carlos Giménez, habitual defender of the policies of Trump.

The two senators representing Florida on the Capitol, Rubio himself and Rick Scott, pressured by their own constituents, have refused to blame the White House for this decision and instead blame the Democrats themselves. "It is the democrats who have precisely refused to agree to solve this crisis," Scott said in a statement.

In April, more than 100,000 undocumented immigrants were arrested on US soil after illegally crossing the border. After being arrested, these "undocumented" victims of trafficking because they usually pay traffickers to enter the country, usually seek asylum. Until a few months ago, they were released until a judge decided whether to grant them US residency.

To the Trump hotels
Trump has set a priority to prevent these massive arrivals and for that he is trying to build a wall on the 3,000 kilometers of border with Mexico, of which there are already about 1,000 kilometers finished. It has also initiated a policy of returning the "undocumented" detainees to Mexico in hot, a measure that has been taken to court by civil rights groups.

Before the arrival of the quota of 500 illegal immigrants per month, the mayor of Broward County, Mark Bogen, has a proposal: to lodge them in the enormous residence of one of its residents. "I suggest that we take those for whom we do not find a home to any of Trump's hotels, such as the Mar-a-Lago complex." . (tagsToTranslate) trump (t) paperboard

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