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Try these 4 ways to lower high blood pressure, let’s

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. High blood pressure or hypertension can be one of the factors that worsens your body’s health. Therefore, how to lower high blood pressure you need to do. The goal is to maintain health.

If you experience symptoms of high blood pressure, don’t hesitate to see a doctor, okay? Usually, the doctor will perform several examinations so that the correct diagnosis can be obtained. If it is needed, the doctor will give some prescription drugs.

So, so that the effects of the drugs you take can be maximized, there are several things you should do. Starting from diligent exercise, managing the food you consume daily, and implementing other healthy lifestyles.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Quoting from Medical News Today (medicalnewstoday.com), 16% of hypertension cases in the world are influenced by alcohol consumption. For men, try not to drink more than two glasses of alcohol per day. While women are expected not to consume alcohol more than one drink per day.

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Reduce Caffeine Consumption

In addition to limiting alcohol consumption, reducing caffeine consumption is also one way to lower high blood pressure. There are several sources of caffeine that you need to pay attention to. Starting from coffee, tea, and so on.

Lose Weight

Excess weight is one of the risk factors for hypertension, lo. That is, you need to lose weight so that blood pressure is more controlled. According to a 2016 study, a 5% reduction in body mass can reduce high blood pressure.

When you lose weight, blood vessels become more flexible to dilate and contract. That way, blood flow to and from the heart can be smoother. So that how to lose weight can run optimally, it never hurts to ask a doctor for advice.

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Stop smoking

Medical News Today says that quitting smoking is on the list of ways to lower high blood pressure. Chemicals contained in cigarette smoke can interfere with the condition of blood vessels.

When that happens, it is not impossible that the risk of stroke and heart disease increases. It doesn’t stop there, smoking is also not good for overall body health. So, you should immediately stop this bad habit.

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