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Answering the question, what should be the reaction of the West to what is happening in Belarus, Tsepkalo said that it would be “more than enough” if the EU countries introduced personal sanctions against Lukashenka and his family members.

The opposition politician recalled the precedent created in the American courts, when persons involved in torture and beatings could not carry out financial transactions through international payment systems.

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“Any financial transactions of these people will be frozen. This will not only apply to foreign territory, but also to transactions with cards within the Republic of Belarus, ”explained Tsepkalo.

In the US, the details of sanctions against Belarus were revealed

Mass protests in Belarus have been going on for over a month. In the early days, the authorities reported several thousand detainees and hundreds of victims. At least seven people were killed in clashes with security forces.

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia imposed personal sanctions against Lukashenka and 29 other high-ranking citizens of the republic, declaring them persona non grata. The EU refused impose restrictions on the Belarusian leader because of the position of Germany and France, which considered that this would destroy diplomatic channels with Minsk.

The media learned about the blocking of EU sanctions against Belarus by Cyprus

Photo: Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

Eurozone countries in August agreed impose sanctions on officials in charge of elections and those responsible for violence against demonstrators in Belarus. However, in September these measures blocked Cyprus, which demanded the inclusion in the sanctions list of seven Turkish companies conducting drilling operations on the disputed shelf area.

The United States has added 16 Belarusian officials to the sanctions list and promisedthat will expand it in the near future.


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