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Tsunami Wave Eastern Final and Drowning Mavericks (ENBAS) / News

Rokas Grajauskas and Mykolas Jankaitis discuss the Warriors ’advantage in the Western Conference finals with devastating but equal series Celtics and Heat.

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We have:

  • Poeltlo NBA Guessing Game Inspired Introduction (0:00);
  • Breaking hands with the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat series (3:43);
  • Do the final conference schedules match the course series? (7:43);
  • Victor Oladip’s reborn performance in the third and fourth matches (12:06);
  • Alas Horford is the best basketball player in the Dominican Republic (19:43);
  • Which team from the Eastern Conference Finals will advance to the NBA Finals? (27:41);
  • The convincing advantage for the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals (36:06);
  • Kevon Looney’s strength in implementing the team’s defensive plan (42:23);
  • Andrew Wiggins finally discovers a role in the NBA league (48:46);
  • Timberwolves ’highly ambitious move to Minnesota to invite Tim Connelly (59: 3);
  • Viveko Ranadives, owner of Sacramento Kings, is an impossible move (1:10:05).

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