Tu si que vales remembers 19 year old Veronica Franco, Rudy Zerbi: We will never forget you

You are worth it remember Veronica Franco, the 19-year-old disappeared due to a series of complications related to the leukemia against which she had been fighting since 2018. She had participated in the Saturday night talent show of Canale5 in the episode aired on 12 September last. Veronica had taken the stage with her wheelchair and in front of the judges Rudy Zerbi, Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti and Teo Mammucari, she had performed on the notes of ‘Hallelujah’, tearing the yeses of the jurors and a standing ovation from the audience . In front of the audience she said excitedly: “For me the stage is everything”.

The memory of Tu si que vales

A video with some of the parts of his performance was posted on the broadcast’s Instagram profile. “Hi Veronica”, Reads the post caption. Among the first comments the one published by Rudy Zerbi, judge of the program: “We will never forget you, Veronica“. That performance had remained in the hearts of the judges and the audience of the program, deeply affected by the untimely death of the young singer.

Vanni Oddera had announced his disappearance

It was Vanni Oddera, a biker who has been bringing his contribution to pediatric hospitals for years, to announce the disappearance of the young Veronica Franco. He had dedicated a message posted on his Facebook profile that had announced the news of the death:

My dear friend, you have made my life unique and wonderful, you have given me so much and you have made everything special around you, illuminating with your soul all the dark moments of my life. Your voice has brought hope and relief to so many families. A few minutes ago you flew away abandoning this mocking earthly life. You will remain forever in my heart in our heart, your voice will forever be a hope of having a better world. I love you Veronica.

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