This Sunday, you can save as many fun things and save around the house and more. (Photo: Kitchy / Ancestry DNA)

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Weekends are not yet ongoing, and if you are feeling a little need to do retail therapy, the time you have to do is a little. If you want tons of bucks to splurge and not want to fall, Amazon is the best place to shop, because you can get tons of practical and clever things at lower prices than you pay brick. -and-mortar usually stores.

Bigger: Antropologie has a huge sale this weekend

How can you say the worthwhile thing is worth doing? For me, I am looking for things we tested here already in our lab, based in Cambridge, Mass. Then I use price tracking tools to find out if they are really at their lowest price or not (because some retailers artificially increase prices before big sales to save more money than you are). Seriously). This Sunday, some tremendous dealings are happening on everything from pizza cutter wheels to moldable glue and more. Here are five of the best discounts happening now.

1. Lowest price alert: The Anker has the following amazing things

These earbuds are great on-the-go and at the gym. (Photo: Anker)

You do not need to spend more than $ 100 to get a quality set of bouquets. Now you can get one of our best wireless earbuds – the Anker Soundcore Libertys – for sale at $ 40 for their normal price, due to coupons on the page and promo code ”SDCHPLT8"These earrings are easy to connect to your phone over Bluetooth, they have up to 8 hours of life before you have to place them in the charged case for at least 15 minutes with repetition, and the case is They own little and they also remain even a folder, although they are slightly softer (but not heavier) than other earbuds, which are usually much more expensive, running over $ 100 on you.

Find the Anker Soundcore Headphones of Real Wireless Liberty for $ 59.99 (Save $ 40)

2. Under $ 12: The only pizza cutter wheel associated with it

This ergonomic pizza cutter is really amazing. (Photo: Kitchy)

I love this thing. Apparently, many. I use it at least twice a month (I like many pizza, I don't hate), and this is the best pizza cutter wheel I've ever used. It makes slicing through even the crunchiest crust so much more smoother, and it protects your hand when you do it. Because it is so easy to use, you can extract real slices from your home-made pizzas, not from the globs of cheese that are mangled. This is also suitable in the palm of your hand and children can even use it (with adult supervision, of course). You can save almost $ 3 on this now if you clean it green and if you're confident, you'll never return to your old pizza cutter.

Get Wheel Kitchy Pizza Wheel in lawn for $ 10.99 (Save $ 2.96)

3. Save 15%: The best affordable mattress in a box

Comfortable mattress may not be able to cut hands and feet. (Photo: Tuft & Needle)

There are plenty of cheap mattresses on Amazon, but when you want the best affordable mattress in a box, Tuft & Needle is the best choice in the future. In our test, we loved how comfortable their mattresses were, because of their cheap price tag. At present, you can save 15% on selected R&I temperatures, including full size and royal models. This is a great result on Labor Day, and we are sure that this will still be one of the best mattress deals in the holiday – but you can get it jumpstart now rather than wait a whole week to start sleeping more. relaxation.

Get mattress for tubes and needle for 15% off on Amazon

4. Under $ 20: The moldable glue is one of the best (and worst) things ever

These possibilities are endless with this unique moldable glue. (Photo: Sugru)

The putty is certainly one of the biggest products we ever saw with a cult-added on Amazon, but the thing is, it works. What can you use? Literally nothing. Do you want to add a colander to the wall (as pictured above)? This stuff can do it. Do you need to set your shoe stove because it stays out and you don't want to go to a cobbler? This glue can be rescued. It starts as a putty, and when exposed to the air, the material turns into silicone rubber, which can be used to tie bands and seal all materials. Sugru works on glass, ceramics, wood, metal and most plastics, and you can use it to make, well, anything, and up to 4.4 pounds (per piece) hold. Now you can get an 8-pack for a little over $ 15, and that is the lowest price we ever saw for this set. The options are infinite with this stuff, so do yourself in favor and grab this while the price is nice and low yet.

Get Package 8-Glue Molud Moldable for $ 15.99 (Save $ 4)

5. Save $ 40: The most common DNA testing equipment

If you're curious about your genealogy, this is for you. (Photo: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar)

I took this DNA testing equipment and I did not find that I had lost brothers or sisters, but I found that I am actually Irish – over 70%. Within a week, I traced my family back to the counties of Cork and Donegal, and learned that my grandmother, who was completely Irish but born in Glasgow, Scotland in the late 1800s – made the trip to America and that she passed through Ellis Island all by herself, which is wild.

Without DNA testing (and Ancestry extended subscription service), I may not have had much knowledge of my family's roots. If you were ever curious about what your family really inherited, then is the time to test DNA testing equipment, because you can get AncestryDNA equipment for $ 40, which is the lowest price we saw ever. The database is growing, with more than 10 million users, to date, and you can learn so much about yourself that you have never thought before. Also, as it grows, ancestry is constantly updating your results and focusing more on your heritage. If you want to learn more about yourself, you can also get the Traits feature is only $ 20 more. (Also, the same sales run directly on the AncestryDNA site, if you prefer to store it there.)

Get The Test Kit Get The AncestryDNA for $ 59 (Save $ 40) t

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