Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Tucker Carlson says Trump is not able and has not kept his promises

Fox's new moderator, Tucker Carlson, has corrected any misinformation about his views on President Trump: "I do not think he's capable," he said in an interview Tuesday in Switzerland .

Urs Gehriger, editor of "Die Weltwoche", the country's leading German-language weekly, said Carlson's new book, "Ship of Fools," says nothing about Trump, but commented on criticism. conversation asking what Carlson thought of Trump's first two years in office.

Carlson said he could not stand Trump's self-aggrandizement and boasting. Then, when asked if Trump had kept his promises, Carlson, usually quick-witted and long-winded, had only one word: "No."

Fox News, although it has a variety of voices, has become the point of sale often aligned with the current administration.

Guests such as Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro have taken almost unambiguous positions in favor of Trump and against the "liberal left". Hannity even joined Trump on the campaign grounds.

Carlson has often been a measured supporter of Trump. But he continued to denigrate the president when Gehriger looked further.

"His main promises were to build the wall, fund Plund Parenthood and repeal Obamacare, and he did not do anything like it," said Carlson, adding that these goals were probably lost causes. Trump, he said, does not understand the system and his own agencies do not support it.

"He knows very little about the legislative process, has not learned anything, is not surrounded by people who can do it, has not done everything you have to do, So it's mainly his fault that he has not achieved these things, "added Carlson.

He came to believe that Trump's role was not that of a conventional president who promises to achieve certain things and who does it. Instead, it's to "start the conversation about what really matters".

For the host of the Fox, the problem is immigration.

Philip Bump, of the Washington Post, had previously indicated that since she had left the network, shortly before the 2016 elections, Greta van Susteren had left the network, Carlson was "a staunch supporter of the position of 39, extreme right of Trump on immigration. "

The interview, which lasted 45 minutes, covered many topics of discussion, some as striking as his frank comments on the president.

For starters, he called Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and his socialist group "the future". Carlson also criticized the Republican Party during its visit to Switzerland, suggesting that he "would die" if he did not begin to fairly represent the American voters of the middle class. .

"[T]The elite of our country is physically separated in a very unhealthy way for a democracy, "he said. Rural America is "collapsing" and "if you run the country, you should have some idea of ​​that," he said.

Gehriger called Carlson "renegade".

"He was so tough" on Trump, Gehriger told the newspaper. "He was not a cheerleader, and for someone who's so successful on Fox News, I did not expect him to be so forthright."

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