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Tugu Mandiri Insurance Changes Name to PertaLife Insurance


PT Asuransi Tugu Mandiri changed its name to PT Perta Life Insurance. The President Director of PertaLife Insurance, Hanindio W. Hadi, revealed that this name change was accompanied by a change in the brand name (PertaLife Insurance) to the company logo.

“This corporate identity rebranding is one of the efforts to improve the company’s performance in a better direction while at the same time fostering more trust in stakeholders, including customers,” he explained at a press conference in Jakarta, Monday (17/1/2022).

He revealed that in this change, the company had taken a number of provisions. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) also granted a business license in the life insurance sector to PertaLife Insurance through the Decree of the OJK Board of Commissioners Number KEP 881/NB 11/2021 dated December 28, 2021. Hanindio said this change was also part of Pertamina.

“Pertamina’s concept for Tugu Mandiri is very, very large from the President Director, Director of Finance for the 36 year, stable just like that. With that big, Pertamina sees that the company’s children and grandchildren must be transformed, so what Pertamina commitment will we, including myself contribute,” he added.

Furthermore, he said with the new identity, the company is committed to continuously improving service quality and product innovation according to customer needs. This is done by carrying out a comprehensive transformation with the main objective of improving financial performance and creating a healthier business.

“The transformation includes three things, namely the Transformation of Human Resources (People). Products and business processes through an integrated system. The transformation is carried out by implementing a productive performance culture, optimizing products through restructuring product portfolios, and improving governance, one of which is by implementing IT control. systems,” he explained.

In addition to business transformation, the company will develop digitalization for business processes and marketing. “We will also carry out efficiency as one of the efforts to survive and develop in the midst of the pandemic, which still cannot be predicted when it will end,” explained Hanindio.

On the same occasion, Marketing Director of PertaLife Insurance Haris Anwar said regarding digitalization, he said essentially the company’s insurance services would be transformed into digital services. In addition, his party will also issue 7 new products in 2022. Unfortunately, PertaLife refuses to give a description of the product.

“This digitalization hasintroduce new product. We are currently brewing a new product on the market. We hope that in 2022 there will be 7 new products that we will discuss with OJK. And digitalization is indeed a part of improving company performance,” he said.

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