Tunisian Federation: Ferjani Sassi Slim, and his decision was correct

Hisham Benamran, a member of the Tunisian Football Federation, confirmed that Ferjani Sassi, player of Zamalek club and the Tunisian national team, is healthy and does not suffer from anything, indicating that he chose the right decision to submit to the optional quarantine.

Yesterday, Sunday, several Tunisian press reports indicated that Ferjani Sassi was infected with the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).

But the Tunisian player denied this and confirmed that what is going on about his health condition is just a rumor, indicating that he decided to undergo optional quarantine after coming into contact with someone infected with the Coronavirus.

Benamran said in statements to the Tunisian “Express” radio: “Ferjani also said that he chose to enter the optional quarantine for a period of 5 days after being mixed with one of those infected with the Coronavirus.”

Benamran concluded his remarks by saying, “But Ferjani Sassi is Slim and chose the right decision regarding his undergoing optional health isolation.”


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