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Tunnel disaster in Rastatt cost billions

The breakdown at the Deutsche Bahn’s Rastatter tunnel construction site in late summer 2017 has caused the national economy damages of around two billion euros. This is the result of an analysis on behalf of several freight transport associations, including the network of European Railways (NEE), which is the SPIEGEL. Around 8200 freight trains were therefore affected by the route blockage. An estimated 969 million euros in losses are attributable solely to rail logistics companies, 771 million to their customers, manufacturing companies.

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The environment also suffered from the 51-day full closure: 39,000 tonnes more CO2 was emitted on the route between Karlsruhe and Basel, for example because goods had to be transported by road rather than by train. In the analysis, the railway is again reprimanded for its crisis management. There were neither contingency plans nor practicable detour routes – the coordination of construction sites was “completely inadequate”. That must change now, the authors of the study demand. (This message comes from the SPIEGEL.) The new MIRROR You will find here .)

“Rastatt was too expensive to move on to the agenda,” says Peter Westenberger, CEO of NEE. “It was fiddled with no safety reserve on the carotid artery of European industry.” The study looked only at freight traffic, but also tens of thousands of travelers – including many commuters – were affected by the weeks of full closure ,

The entire construction of the section is to cost 693 million euros, so the calculated damage is a multiple. The Rhine Valley route was completely interrupted from 12 August to 2 October 2017, after tracks had lowered over a tunnel construction site.

The misfortune hit the most important north-south connection of the railway in Germany , The Rhine rail connects the ports of Rotterdam, Bremerhaven and Hamburg with Genoa. Because the double-track line is chronically overloaded, two additional tracks are to be built from Karlsruhe to Basel. Diversions were barely usable during Rastatt’s full closure.

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