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Turki Al-Sheikh decides to stop “writing on Facebook until further notice”

Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the General Authority of Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, decided to stop writing posts on his official page on the social networking site Facebook.

It is known that Turki Al-Sheikh usually uses his Facebook page for matters related to the Egyptian issue, especially sports, while his official Twitter page is used for matters related to the Saudi issue.

Turki Al-Sheikh wrote on his Facebook page: “Good evening to all followers of the page, I decided to stop writing on Facebook on my official page until further notice .. May God bless you all.”

The move comes from Turki Al-Sheikh, after he announced yesterday that he had waived all the cases he had recently filed against members of the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, after he offered his condolences on the death of Hoda Musa, the mother of Khaled Al-Dirandali, the treasurer.

The president of the Spanish club Almeria announced that he had left the Egyptian sports scene, calling for his name not to be put into any file, indicating that All news that is being reported on in the current period is incorrect.

It is worth noting that the Al-Ahly board of directors had decided several weeks ago to remove the name Turki Al-Sheikh from the list of honorary red castle presidents, while addressing the Ministry of Youth and Sports to allow the return of donations and gifts presented.

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