TV commercials, professions of faith … the official campaign has begun


The campaign lasts until May 25, election day. TV spots will notably be broadcast, with speaking time attributed after a complex calculation of the CSA.

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The official campaign for the European elections began on Monday 13 May in France.
The official campaign for the European elections began on Monday 13 May in France. ERIC CABANIS / AFP

A little less than two weeks to make themselves known and to convince. The official campaign of the European elections of May 26 began Monday, May 13 in France. It will end on Saturday, May 25 at midnight in mainland France and in a part of the overseas, and Friday at midnight in Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and French Polynesia, where voters will vote on Saturday.

Thirty-four lists are in the running, to divide the seventy-nine seats allocated to France in the European Parliament.

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  • Panels and Electoral Propaganda

A record number of thirty-four lists for the May 26th poll … and as many billboards to install for municipalities. According to the electoral code, there must be in every voting place, a rule that turns to the headache for many mayors, especially in the villages.

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It is also the time of the diffusion of the professions of faith and the printing of the ballot papers, at the expense of the lists. A highly framed exercise, which excludes for example the use of the three colors of the French flag – blue, white, red – with the exception of the reproduction of the emblem of parties or groups.

Only lists that cross the 3% mark will be reimbursed for campaign costs.

  • TV spots and speaking time

From Tuesday, two types of spots will be broadcast on television: small formats (around 1.30 m), mainly after the television news and in the evening, and others of about three minutes, rather in the morning and the afternoon.

Each formation is free to shoot its own video or to use the means of France Télévisions, without paying anything since all the expenses related to the official audiovisual campaign are supported by the State.

Speaking time ranges from 55 minutes 53 seconds for the majority list (The Republic on the move / MoDem), 48 minutes 11 minutes for the National Gathering, 38 minutes 20 minutes for the Republicans, 19:43 for the Socialist Party list. Place public, 18 min 37 for France insubordinate, 14 min 14 for Europe Ecology – The Greens (EELV), with a minimum duration of 3 min 33 for the remaining twenty lists.

These times have been set by the Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) according to a complex calculation, depending in particular on the results of training in the latest European and most recent elections, indications of polls and the contribution of candidates to the animation of the electoral debate.

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  • An election still uncertain

The latest polls give The Republic on the move and the National Gathering nearly tied, with around 22% voting intentions each. The Republicans are third with around 13%, while the lists on the left are still struggling to decide.

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