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TV tip: crime scene: I cried in a dream

Dark secrets, dirty relationships, human dramas and naked commissioners: the new “crime scene” from the Black Forest plays in the heated mood of Alemannic carnival. He addresses a foolish state of emergency – and the Black Forest “crime scene” investigators Eva Löbau and Hans-Jochen Wagner are right in the middle. The masks fall over time. The new episode of the ARD crime series entitled “I cried in my dream” with Löbau and Wagner in the leading roles of the commissioners will run on Sunday at 8:15 p.m. in the first.

“It was unusual shooting because we produced this film in the midst of carnival parades and crazy goings-on,” says television commissioner Wagner. A year ago, during the “great days”, the “crime scene” was created together with fools in Elzach, a small town north of Freiburg. The foolish figure there, the “Schuttig”, is known nationally. She is one of the oldest and most colorful figures of the carnival in Baden-Württemberg.

The traditional carnival in the Black Forest forms the backdrop and framework for this “crime scene”. It shapes the atmosphere in a classic crime case. The two investigators Friedemann Berg (Wagner) and Franziska Tobler (Löbau), who are traveling privately in the foolish frenzy, have to solve the murder of a businessman in a hotel room. The man had accompanied his wife to an operation in a beauty clinic in the Black Forest.

At the center of the investigation is a nurse working in the clinic with a shady past. She is the mother of a little son and is in a relationship with a house doctor. The life of the young couple threatens to break apart when it is the focus of the murder investigation. It’s about secrets, violence, sexual power and dominance, rejection and disappointment, and mutual ownership and expectations.

“Like the fools, it is a masquerade of the characters,” says Jan Bonny. He directed and wrote the script together with Jan Eichberg. Thematically, in line with the time of the fool, it was a question of temporarily abolishing the otherwise usual limits and of a “collective frenzy” in which the participants were traveling. This also applies to the commissioners. In the frenzy of Mardi Gras and in the maelstrom of celebration, they come closer personally and ask about how they relate to each other after a night together.

Bonny, who is experienced as a crime film director with “Tatort” and “Polizeiruf 110”, has created a direct, dark and crude “Tatort” with “I cried in my dream”. He stages artistically, based on the theater. He visually extends the boundaries of conventional crime films and challenges the viewer, but sometimes leaves him with questions.

For the Dusseldorf native, who has lived in Cologne for many years and who knows the Rhineland carnival well, it was the first encounter with the Black Forest Fastnacht, rich in rituals, as he says. He was “extremely impressed” by what he had seen and seen.

It is now the fifth “crime scene” from the Black Forest. Robert Schumann’s composition and Heinrich Heine’s poem give it the title. In addition to Löbau and Wagner, Bibiana Beglau, Andreas Döhler, Ronald Kukulies, Darja Mahotkin, Franziska Hartmann and Saro Emirze can be seen. The role of the public prosecutor is new. The lawyer, who has little to do with the murder case, is embodied by Silke Bodenbender.

Music occupies a wide space, which makes the film seem sentimental and dark. Jens Thomas created it especially for this “crime scene”, as a spokeswoman for the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) says.

The film has a positive side effect for the Elzach location. The local supporting actors, who were allowed to play, have waived their fees, says the head of the local fool guild, Armin Becherer. This raised 5000 euros. This money is now to contribute to turning one of the oldest inns in the town into a community center.

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