TVs take advantage of "big" candidates


With 34 lists running for the European elections, the audiovisual media are exposed to criticism of candidates who find themselves relegated to the second division.

By François Bougon Posted yesterday at 11h33, updated yesterday at 11h35

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Few passion, but a lot of controversy. For its second debate scheduled before the European elections, France 2 must again deal with the discontent of three candidates feeling aggrieved. To the point that the mustard goes up in front of the two editors, Alix Bouilhaguet and Michel Dumoret. "We went back"they fumed. In question, the attacks of Benoît Hamon, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Jean-Christophe Lagarde, dissatisfied with the organization of the special program that the channel organizes Wednesday, May 22. Having the feeling of being relegated to "Ligue 2", because intervening in the second half of the evening after the six formations at the top of the polls, they decided to boycott the meeting. An argument difficult to hear for those responsible for the broadcast of France 2, which highlight that the public service channel is one of the media that deals the most of the European campaign.

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With the profusion of lists, radios and televisions wishing to organize debates can not invite all 34 heads of list. And nothing obliges them. Because unlike the presidential election where it is the equality that prevails, for this election, it is the principle of equity that is in force, taking into account the results in previous elections, the number of elected in France and the European Parliament, the polls, the campaign dynamics and the durations for each formation in the official campaign as defined by the Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA), underlines Mme Bouilhaguet.

"Pluralistic expression"

In addition, adds Mr. Dumoret, "We are masters of our editorial line". This other principle was confirmed in April by the Council of State which had annulled a decision of the administrative court obliging France 2 to integrate Benoît Hamon, François Asselineau and Florian Philippot to a debate gathering nine heads of list. "It is up to France Télévisions, whose editorial policy is free and independent, under the control of the CSA, to conceive and organize programs participating in the democratic debate in the respect of a fair treatment of the pluralistic expression of the currents of thought and opinion », said the high court.

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BFM-TV, for its part, is preparing for its big debate, Thursday, May 23, led by Ruth Elkrief and Apolline de Malherbe, bringing together eleven candidates, three days before the vote. "We must avoid the cacophony, but also ensure that there is a real debate", Judge Hervé Béroud, Managing Director of BFM-TV. A few hours ago, France Info will organize at the Maison de la radio with The echoes and the Terra Nova think tank a four-and-a-half hour debate with fourteen headers. Candidates were credited with more than 2% of voting intentions, underlines Vincent Giret, the director of the public information radio. "We are a public service media, we give the floor to as many people as possible"he explains.

François Bougon

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