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Her garçon hair, her innocent freckles, her stunning makeup eyelashes and her extreme thinness with her childish appearance made Twiggy the first "top" in the world, an androgynous, pop aesthetic model that still inspires.

MADRID. It was the 60s when Twiggy, who turns 70 tomorrow, became a fashion star, his appearance turned around social aesthetics, it was a revolution.

His childish image and his fragile silhouette of 1.69 meters tall and only 40 kilos in weight broke the canons of beauty of the time in which the voluptuousness of the curves reigned and the wavy mane in the style of Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot or Sofia Loren.

Leslie Lawson, (London, September 19, 1949), Twiggy, was born into a humble family. His childhood was spent in the Neasdenm suburb. Soon she became an elegant young woman, clothed in an androgynous halo and the "mod" aesthetic.

In the blink of an eye, this young woman, the daughter of a printing press operator and a carpenter, loved fashion as a child, even learned to make her own clothes to create her own style and move around the mods circuits. "I was crazy about fashion," he confessed in an interview.

Thanks to her boyfriend of that time, Nigel Davies, she met the star hairdresser of the moment, Leonard, who did not hesitate to turn her brown hair into a cut to the garçon dyed with platinum blonde, a radical makeover that caught the attention of photographer Barry Latega, who quickly immortalized her.

This makeover accompanied by a make-up with very sharp eyes and striking eyelashes painted in the style of the dolls made her a unique model.

Due to her thinness, her parents affectionately called her "Twigs" -smile-, an original nickname with which she decided to make her way into fashion. Days later, the Daily Express newspaper published: "Twiggy, the face of 66 '". The first top model had just been born.

Twiggy broke with the aesthetic molds of the time. The miniskirt, the colored tights, the pop-up sweaters and the high-top boots became his best travel companions.

His time in fashion was brief, fleeting. Tired of the requirement of the textile industry. "I'm tired of being a hanger," he said at 21.

Four years after hoarding all the covers of fashion magazines and newspapers, the British model jumped into the cinema at the hands of the filmmaker Ken Russell, who gave her a role in "The Boyfriend." In 1971, he won two Golden Globes, as Best Actress and Promise Revelation.

He published his memoirs "Twiggy in Black and White" ("Twiggy in black and white") and now, from time to time, collaborates as a designer for a firm or department store.

Such is the influence of this model, that today, its aesthetics continues to inspire designers and stylists. Her eye makeup sweeps this season. The protagonists of "Euphoria", among them the actress Hunter Schafer, who underlined her gaze by placing "eyeliner" a few centimeters above the lash line.


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