Twins, fear the gossip at the weekend

Evil tongues can become a fly in the ointment in a favorable week.

From the first days of May, a favorable period begins for Gemini. However, on the 2nd and 3rd of the day there is a danger of spoiling your “honeymoon”. Astrologer Tamara Globa told who and what should beware of the zodiac on the weekend.

The first May week will gather a large number of fans around Gemini. People around you will begin to feel a desire to communicate with representatives of the sign. The zodiac itself also missed communication, so everything will go harmoniously. Gemini may have minor disagreements with family members. But friends, colleagues or distant relatives will enjoy spending time with a sign in a pleasant conversation over a cup of coffee. Tamara Globa warns that it is precisely this popularity of the zodiac that could become for him a fly in the ointment.

Gemini, beware of gossips, recommends the famous astrologer air sign. In the circle of those wishing to keep secret with the zodiac there will be many intriguers. Such people like to create a tense, conflicting atmosphere in which they themselves feel great. Especially a lot of them will be near the Twins on May 2 and 3. The danger is that they will try to drag the sign into trouble. One person complains to the Twins about another, and then he comes and complains about the first. As a result, they reconcile, leaving the zodiac in the rank of “scapegoat.” These situations, on the advice of Tamara Globa, should be feared by the Gemini. It is better to become a neutral listener who does not give recommendations.

The remaining points for Gemini will be favorable. The month promises them useful contacts, pleasant communication and progress on the love front. The main thing is to learn how to filter interlocutors in order to recognize gossips and schemers.


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