Two decades giving Estopa

There is a point of authenticity in Estopa that is neither bought nor acquired over time. It is what you have or do not have. And brothers David and Jos Manuel Muoz had it. Far from making an identity based on Anglo-Saxon heroes, movie stories and sequins glamor,these two kids from Cornell de Llobregat appeared in the late nineties as a breath of genuine (and also fresh) air on the Spanish pop scene.

His music emanated directly from the vacilla of the bar after a long day in a factory assembly. I was not looking for exquisite productions or elaborate sound exercises. He appealed to the rumba, to the rock of Extremoduro and, at specific moments, to rap.All to tell, without artifacts or indecipherable metaphors, stories in which the cars are cited with brand and model, the singer loses his head for a girl and the bathrooms are witnesses of lives thrown into the toilet between gram and gram of coca.

Suddenly, there was a spark. That work the homnimoTow, it became the disc of the year surpassing the million copies sold. The verses of By the crack of your skirt / I had apiazowith a Seat Panda they became that part that was humming in offices, university corridors and ditches of works on roads.S, Estopa were, more than ever, the pop of the town. His disarming simplicity had spread in such a way that it was impossible to remain aloof from his grace.And, far from becoming an ephemeral burst of spark, the idyll with the public lasts for years and years.

Extended view

Now, with the excuse of the 20th anniversary of that first album, this one is reissued with abundant extras. On the one hand, there is the original disc.It has not lost any of its smoothness. Topics likeThe slit of your skirt, Like CamarnorThe one in the middle of Los Chichos, which are part of the national pop soundtrack, continue to sound like the first day.In addition, another ced is attached with the original models where, with guitar and voice, the same pieces (and other indices) already showed their potential.

The play completesa deuved that collects the multitudinous concert in the Sports Pavilion of Real Madrid in December 2000 in full effervescence of the phenomenon. And, finally, a booklet with texts signed by Diego A. Manrique and abundant photographs of those wonderful years is included. By the way, Rosala remembers that this album was the first tape that was bought in her life.

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