Two detainees are to be executed Thursday in the southern United States


This will be the sixth and seventh performances since the beginning of 2019 in the United States. Michael Samra, 41, and Donnie Edward Johnson, 68, both need a lethal injection on Thursday night in the states of Alabama and Tennessee, respectively.

Both, however, had asked for grace, but it was refused. The first, Michael Samra, helped a friend in 1997 to kill his father, his mother-in-law and his two daughters, six and seven years old. The adults were slaughtered, the girls slaughtered.

Michael Samra was 19 years old at the time of the trial. Despite his "very limited intelligence", according to justice, he was sentenced to death. His crime mate, aged 16 at the time, escaped.

Requests for mercy denied

Today the laws have evolved in the United States, they forbid to impose death under 21 years. This is the argument that Michael Samra's lawyers used to ask for grace. They pleaded the young age of their client at the time of the murders. But the Supreme Court rejected their claim last Tuesday.

Their last hope is based on Alabama Republican Governor Kay Ivey. Michael Samra's lawyers have asked him to spare him, on the same grounds as before the Supreme Court. But within hours of execution, she still has not made a decision.

A repentant inmate

Donnie Edward Johnson, he does not hope anymore. Republican Gov. Bill Lee of neighboring Tennessee, where he is to be executed, has said there will be no pardon.

In 1984, Donnie Edward Johnson choked on his wife, pushing a plastic bag in her throat. "I was not a man, but a monster," he wrote in a statement released by his lawyers.

But since then he claims to have been transformed by religion. Believer, he became a representative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church among fellow inmates.

The head of this church, as well as Catholic bishops, had asked the governor to suspend his execution. The daughter of her victim had also pleaded for clemency, but their appeals did not bear fruit.

Donnie Edward Johnson has indicated that he will not pursue other remedies and is repentant. "I wear and will continue to wear all the pain I have caused," he said.


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