Two Dutch fifties with a van full of war weapons and ammunition arrested in Spain Inland

The Dutch were caught on the AP-7 highway just before the La Jonquera border crossing. The officers found a considerable amount of weapons and ammunition: two Panzerfaust grenade launchers, a 50-millimeter mortar, mortar ammunition, war-caliber cartridges, grenades, an artillery sight and various tools for reloading mortar projectiles.

The men have been arrested on suspicion of illegal arms trafficking. The weapons have been seized for examination.

It is not the first time that the Spanish police have arrested Dutch people who want to transport weapons. In 2019, a Dutchman was also arrested with weapons at the same border crossing. Inside the vehicle was a 7.92 caliber machine gun made in 1944. He also had anti-aircraft guns, mortars, ammunition, a bayonet and a gas mask.

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