Two foreigners captured for trying to carry hallucinogens on commercial flights

In one of the controls carried out by the Airport Police, the Anti-Narcotics Group and the Tax and Customs Police Section, they prevented a swedish citizen take advantage of a commercial flight to Amsterdam, to take 147 grams of marijuana in a coffee can.

Similarly, a Spanish citizen was captured, bound for Madrid, who was discovered 7,750 grams of cocaine in double-bottomed luggage and inside a perfume bottle.

«The pandemic would have become a challenge for drug traffickers, due to the closure of air terminals. However, his criminal activity has mutated to the point of trying to send the drug almost desperately »Police said in a statement.

On the other hand, mode of mail or parcel has increased by 30%.

So far this year, 28 of these illegal shipments have been seized, where the use of televisions, stoves, shoes, construction tools, toys and even cleaning products for babies is evident.

Another of the most used modalities continues to be that of ‘human couriers with ingested substances’, of which 17 people have already been surprised trying to carry the drug in this way, followed by the hand luggage modality, with which they have registered 11 cases.


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The main international destinations are Spain with 36 cases and Mexico with 16 cases. While, in the destinations within the country, the island of San Andrés, Valle del Cauca, Guaviare and Amazonas stand out.

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This is how the seizure of 1,502,120 narcotics has been achieved, of which the majority are marijuana (1,021,858 grams), followed by cocaine (451,045 grams) and coca base (19,762 grams).

As for synthetic drugs, a total of 65,119 doses have been seized, especially ecstasy (5,262 doses).

Likewise, 125 people have been captured, of which 52 are Colombians and 69 foreigners.


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