two new cases of dengue diagnosed

Following the confirmation of two cases of dengue diagnosed in a couple returning from overseas and having stayed in the municipalities of Villeneuve sur Lot, Roquefort, Sainte Colombe en Bruilhois, Sainte Livrade sur Lot and Pinel Hauterive, a survey was carried out by the company Altopictus on behalf of the Regional Health Agency.

This survey demonstrated the presence of tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) potentially vectors of this disease in these municipalities. Indeed, if the tiger mosquito bites a sick person, it can become a carrier of the virus and transmit it to other people by bite.

A mosquito control operation will be carried out in the neighborhood of the place of residence and the places frequented by the affected couple. The goal is to eliminate adult mosquitoes,
to avoid any risk of the virus spreading and to protect the population.

Only a small area around these places needs to be treated since the tiger mosquito lives within a radius of 150 meters. The data subjects have received all the useful information relating to this processing in their mailbox.

The treatment of the zones will take place on the night of September 17 to 18, 2020.

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