Two off-duty police officers prevent a man from strangulating his girlfriend in the Marina de Valencia


Two off-duty police officers who were walking with their families through the Marina de Valencia prevented a twenty-seven-year-old man from strangulating his girlfriend, whom he had held by the neck at the time of the agents' intervention.

The events happened about one o'clock in the morning on Sunday in an area of ​​leisure facilities of La Marina. One of the agents, a local police in Burjassot, heard a young man shout at a girl, so he remained watching what was happening in case his intervention was necessary.

At that time, according to the same sources, the agent saw the boy clinging strongly to the victim's neck (a twenty-year-old girl) so he intervened quickly to prevent the aggression from going on.

There is the circumstance that another agent, in this case of the National Police, also out of service, also saw the facts and came to help, without knowing any of them that belonged to security forces.

The police separated the alleged aggressor while the victim, who did not lose consciousness, explained that, in addition to grabbing her neck, her partner had come to bite her. The police officers stopped a patrol of the Local that was passing by and that took charge of the detainee, a man of twenty-seven years of Spanish nationality who is attributed a crime of mistreatment.

At a certain moment, the alleged aggressor tried to approach the victim again, about twenty years old and equally of Spanish nationality, although the agents prevented him from doing so. In a separate interview with both, they claimed to be a couple and said they had discussed. The victim was accompanied to a health center by the police to be assisted with the injuries. . (tagsToTranslate) police (t) out (t) service (t) aggression


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