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The Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus becomes the second healthcare center at the CHU de Québec to declare outbreaks since the start of the second wave.

By the end of September, the Hôpital du Saint-Sacrement found itself struggling with outbreaks in two of its units around September 25. As of Saturday, it had 25 cases in patients and 11 employees infected with these outbreaks.

Visits are still suspended indefinitely in the five hospitals of the CHU de Québec, which have 15,000 employees.

At the time of this writing, they totaled 58 people hospitalized with COVID-19, including eight in intensive care.

184 new cases in the Capitale-Nationale, 65 in Chaudière-Appalaches

The trend in the number of confirmed cases each day in the Capitale-Nationale continues to see ups and downs. With forty more infections identified than the day before, the region approached 200 cases again on Saturday. On the Chaudière-Appalaches side, we seem to have reached a plateau, with some sixty cases added to the balance sheet.

Over the past seven days, the Quebec City region has recorded more than 1,300 new cases, with daily data ranging from 132 to 265 more infected people.

By relying on the figures of the last few days, it is possible to assume that the Capitale-Nationale will exceed the 6,000 cases reported this Sunday since the start of the pandemic. As of Saturday, she had a total of 5,919.

On Saturday, the situation remained stable in the region’s retirement homes.

One more death also brings the mark to 242 people who have succumbed to the virus in recent months.

In Chaudière-Appalaches, the situation seems more stable than on the other side of the shore. With a peak of 88 new cases on Tuesday, the infections recorded every day for the past week were between 50 and 75, most often in the 60s.

However, new cases have been reported in residential establishments for the elderly, in particular at the CHSLD Champlain-Chanoine-Audet, in Lévis, where three first cases of coronavirus have been reported.

As for private residences, only one more case was added to the 22 already confirmed at the New Age Hotel in Thetford. The living environment is one of the establishments in “critical situation” according to Public Health, with nearly 30% of its residents infected.

As of Saturday, 65 were confirmed, bringing the total to 2005 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic. The three more deaths mean that the death toll from the virus climbs to 35.

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