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two years after the paradox blocked hospitals

Covid permanent parish, with nearly 200 places “burned”. throughout Friuli. That is, the entire hospital section is dedicated to a pandemic that most experts now consider an endemic. That is, semi-normal. Space is always sealed, with dedicated staff pouring in other important activities in all the medical centers of Friuli Venezia Giulia and who can only care for infected patients for a day. And all this because in Rome, in the Ministry of Health, there is no talk anymore about that changes in the rules that could solve the situation in a few hours.


“Inevitably – the regional vice president and health adviser, Riccardo Riccardi spread his arm -, the areas dedicated to the Coronavirus must be preserved”. At the moment in Friuli Venezia Giulia there are all the major hospitals: Pordenone, Udine, Gorizia, Trieste. Each primary medical facility is required to maintain a dedicated wing only for patients who test positive for the sample, regardless of other pathologies they frequently suffer from. And the number of hospitalizations this time has not fallen as in the past spring, that is in 2020 and 2021. For two months, that is, since the beginning of March, the situation has been practically always the same: between 150 and 160. Mild patients are received in the Covid Medicine area. In fact, the problem does not concern intensive care, which now practically never exceeds ten units, or the medical areas where people with no severe symptoms are housed. In recent years, however, there have also been 20-30 Covid patients in hospital, especially in the summer, and one regional center (in Trieste) for the pandemic. This fact has provided relief for the employee and throughout the health system. But entering the panorama of the Omicron variant and even its more contagious “cousin” changed the picture, with a contagion that is still on average high though with some implications from a clinical point of view. More infected, however, also means more positive samples from the hospitals themselves, perhaps referring to patients who do not have Covid symptoms but who only found positive.

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The question is precisely this and Riccardi himself explains it well: “At the moment – he reveals – in Friuli Venezia Giulia there are mostly patients found positive for Covid but who have little or nothing to do with the pandemic. They go to the hospital because they have to undergo another operation or treatment and find out that they have the virus because they support the removal of the ceremony. ”And here it is, the problem. and to provide hospitalization in the Covid area only for patients currently affected by the disease, that is, with the classic symptoms known for two years, reached the ears of the government. , could continue the path of hospitals normally, perhaps only with a few extra precautions.This pressure came not only from politics but also from the most important infectious disease specialists who manage infectious disease facilities in hospitals in the region. which however seems to have failed and which government chambers don’t even talk anymore. “We don’t have more news on changes on the horizon,” confirms Riccardi. In this way, however, the regional health system will continue to lose operators, because they will only be assigned to the Covid departments.

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