UAZ “Hunter” and “Loaf” are shown on the renders

Russians will definitely not be delighted with such a nextgen.

UAZ “Hunter” of the second generation. Photo: Behance

UAZ “Bukhanka” and “Hunter” are clearly tired of waiting for the change of generation, but at the same time, the Russians are completely satisfied with the cars in their current form. Even if the cars are updated, it is very “gentle” so as not to provoke popular anger. Designer Sergey Khodyrev showed not the best version of the car, and the editorial staff of the Pokatim portal told about the renders in more detail.

On the one hand, the virtual concept of the UAZ “Hunter” looks quite stylish. Streamlined body edges, LED complex headlights, five-spoke wheels – it all looks impressive.

But our drivers will be hostile to such a sharp change in style. Innovation should be more literate, and design evolutionary, not revolutionary.

UAZ “Loaf” turned out to be even more controversial. The “face” of the car remained the same, but something strange happened to the body shape – it looks like the SUV was inflated from the inside.

The body is bulky and the wheelbase is rather small. Not off-road, such a UAZ “Loaf” will easily roll over on its side. And just the same opportunities on the off-road – the main trump card of the car.

UAZ “Loaf” of the second generation. Photo: Behance

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It turns out that such concepts look good only on paper, but in practice they will turn out to be a failure. This second generation is frightening, so it is better for Ulyanovsk to produce the old cars.


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