UBA/Involving Discrimination Words Attacking Taiwan Normal University Players Apologize to Shixin: Temporarily Accepted-UDN United News Network

  1. UBA/Discrimination-related words attacking Taiwan Normal University players apologize to Shixin: Accepted temporarily UDN United News Network
  2. UBA match explodes racial discrimination, Abasis console teacher Lin Shixuan insults-Minshi News SSUtv Sports
  3. New Taiwanese are insulted by nigger!The Sports Department spoke Yahoo News
  4. UBA “Abasi” was insulted by “racial discrimination” Taiwan Normal University: Apology has been apologized|TVBS News TVBS NEWS
  5. UBA/Taiwan version of racial discrimination! Shixin Abbasi controller of the Normal University players called him “nigger” udn OOPS! What’s new
  6. Go to Google News to view the full report
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