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Uber has also made an agreement with taxi drivers in Italy

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The US company Uber has reached an agreement to integrate its private car rental service with drivers with the offer of ItTaxi application, the main Italian consortium that allows you to book a taxi in major cities in the country. Uber was born in 2009 with the idea of ​​revolutionizing the on-call transportation system, but over the years it has met stubborn resistance and protests from taxi drivers from various parts of the world, including Italy: for some time, however, li. has changed its strategy and strengthened its offerings to start collaborating with local mobility services, focusing on the advantages that even traditional taxi drivers can derive from it.

The agreement gives Italian taxis that join the consortium and can be called in ItTaxi’s application can also be booked via Uber application; at the same time, taxi drivers will also be able to accept the required ride on Uber, in addition to those arriving via the ItTaxi application. The service will start operating at the end of June from Rome, and it is expected that in the coming months it will be extended to more than 12 thousand taxis that respect the ItTaxi consortium, which is active in more than 90 Italian cities. . The goal, according to Uber, is to reach particular cities where the Uber Black service is already active, the only one allowed in Italy, which is that of those with a rental and driver’s license (NCC): among these include Milan, Turin, Bologna and Florence.

With this agreement, the consortium hopes to increase taxi driver customers, also reaching those who use Uber in Italy, including tourism: in 2021 car rental demand in Italy made through Uber was 6.7 million, according to company an. . Uber, for its part, will keep a commission on the number of trips each taxi driver makes and requests through its application, where ItTaxi data will be integrated: it does not know exactly how much this commission is, but the Corriere della Sera writes that we are talking about a figure of about 6 percent.

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In Italy, as abroad, the services offered by Uber have been widely contested by the taxi driver association, which has accused the U.S. company of unfair competition, blaming it for wanting to steal customers, operating without a license and in the absence of specific regulations. However, things have changed a bit: now for Uber the idea of ​​collaborating with the same organization that has always been criticized makes sense not only to emerge from the crisis suffered during the coronavirus pandemic but also to be able to meet demand. in the face of a shortage of drivers who found other jobs in the acute phases of the epidemic, at least in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

In recent months, Uber has made similar deals to those reached with ItTaxi in various European cities, as well as in New York and San Francisco, and its goal should be to include all taxi services in the world in its implementation. by 2025, he said. Andrew Macdonald, head of the company’s international mobility.

Loreno Bittarelli, president of ItTaxi and Cooperative 3570, which controls about half of the active taxi drivers’ licenses in Rome (3,700 out of 7,700), defined the agreement “an important step, which will gradually bring more ride to the taxi drivers in the consortium. “And at the same time it will offer an extra service to customers. At the same time, the announcement was met with several doubts by some of the sector unions, according to which the mechanisms by which will manage the collaboration, which they believe would allow Uber to continue operating in some sort of area, are not clear. .grey.

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