Friday, 18 Jan 2019

Uber to go to court for two years to give drivers the basic rights of workers

Tax giant Uber will be in the Court of Appeal Tuesday as part of its two-year battle to uphold the fundamental rights of drivers.

A labor court ruling in 2016, its 70,000 UK drivers were no longer self-employed and had to receive the minimum wage and a holiday pay.

But Uber refused to accept the decision, losing a call last year.

According to the GMB union, the average Uber driver has lost £ 18,000 since the decision.

GMB's legal director, Sue Harris, said, "Thousands of drivers struggle to pay rent or feed their families.

Uber refused to accept the decision, losing a call last year

"Society must stop wasting money by dragging its lost case in court."

The accounts published this month reveal that Uber London made a profit of 3.5 million pounds, against 2.5 million pounds in 2016.

A spokesman for Uber said that a study from Oxford University had revealed that his drivers were earning more than the living minimum wage in London, and that they wanted to keep the freedom to choose if and when they drove.

He claimed that drivers would have less health insurance and would lose the flexibility of being their own boss if they became employees.

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