Ubisoft removes visual of raised black fist amid controversy

The French publisher had borrowed the imagery of the Black Lives Matter movement, or a raised black fist, to associate it with a fictional terrorist group, Umbra, present in the mobile game Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.

The presence of this visual, seen in the intro cinematic of the game (visible below from the 33rd second), immediately made players react on social networks. Especially since the Umbra group, in the game, aims to “take advantage of escalating civil unrest to create more chaos and weaken governments.

Ubisoft reacted to the controversy, via its Twitter account.

“The imagery that appears in the opening video footage of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad showing a raised fist was callous and hurtful both in its inclusion and the way it was portrayed.”

We listened and thank the players and the community who made it clear to us and we apologize”, Continues the editor. “This ‘raised fist’ image will be removed in the next title update this Tuesday, September 1 on Android, and as fast as possible on iOS.

  1. But as Kate Danvers points out on Twitter, Ubisoft’s apologies go wrong. In particular, because the company had supported the Black Lives Matter movement last June, and the raised fist symbol was most likely already integrated into the game.

So when you tweeted your statement back in June, was that game already in development or the idea of ​​exploiting and enjoying the movement came afterwards? Ubisoft did not respond to Kate Danvers.

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