UDLA provides veterinary, medical, and emotional health telecare during the health emergency | Ecuador | News

A medical, veterinary and emotional health telecare service provides the University of the Americas from Monday to Friday during the health emergency.

The initiative, which started on April 8, comes after a joint effort between the Medicine, Veterinary and Psychology courses and the support of the company HighTelecom-Genesys.

Through a statement, the university indicated that this program seeks “to provide a safe space, so that the community has access to containment and basic services in health, emotional well-being and veterinary medicine.”

The attention is at national level and it is given from 10:00 to 22:00 by calling (02) 3981000 ext. 3340, there will be attended by one of the assigned volunteers.

In total 17 people provide veterinary medicine care, among student volunteers and four professionals from the UDLA Veterinary Clinic. In the Psychology area, there are 20 student volunteers who went to telecare in mental health. They are also supervised by a team of graduates and tutors (Psychology teachers).

In the medical service there are 32 student volunteers and 16 teaching doctors who support the students who receive the calls.

“The intention is to be able to provide adequate support with valuable information at present to prevent contagion in the community. A posteriori it is an opportunity for the academy to make a greater presence in society.”

Assistance will continue until the end of the emergency, but the university will analyze the welcome and impact of the initiative and could consider keeping it permanently. They also aspire to make an agreement with the UDLA Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences (FICA) to develop a mobile application that allows support during hours when the service is not provided. (I)

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