Uga Dumpis named what he thinks is the most dangerous sport from the point of view of Covid-19

It has already been reported that, according to officials and specialists, including Dumps, the recently introduced restrictions are aimed directly at segregating social bubbles or individual human flows and everyday life in general.

According to the infectologist, hockey is considered to be especially dangerous, as it is potentially associated with a long stay in the locker room, sitting on a reserve bench and shouting during the game.

The Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) also told LETA that the risks of infection can be divided by the intensity of exhalation, ie speaking the risk is lower than shouting, while singing is associated with the highest risk.

Dumpis also explained that group activities in sports are dangerous not with the sport itself, but with the fact that people from different places outside their social bubbles come together.

According to an infectologist, people often cross in team sports at different geographical areas. “It should also be understood that it is very difficult to distinguish between different team sports from a legal point of view,” Dumpis commented.

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It has already been reported that, according to the SPKC, 5.1% of young Covid-19 patients became infected in sports last week.

SPKC representative Ilze Arāja pointed out that due to Covid-19 cases in the hockey club Riga “Dinamo” and its participation in the Continental Hockey League, it must be understood that “they follow their own protocols and they have risk teams”. Therefore, these cases of Covid-19 should be considered separately.

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