UGT asks to cease the person responsible for access to the Lledoners prison for treating Romeva and Mejide in favor


UGT has denounced on Tuesday that it has "violated" the rules of access to the prison of Lledoners (Barcelona), when the presenter of Cuatro Risto Mejide and two companions accessed it to interview one of the prisoners of the process without the credential of «Authority» or «institutional visitor».

Specifically, UGT – majority union in the penitentiary field – refers to the interview conducted by Mejide to the former counselor in pretrial detention in this jail by the trial of the Racés Romeva, in the orbit of ERC.

According to UGT in a statement, Efe reports, the access of these three people took place on Saturday 14 without a "security check", a fact that the union describes as "unheard of" and inadmissible, so it asks for the cessation " immediate »from the Deputy Director of Treatment of the Lledoners Prison Center.

«Question your suitability»
The union wields in the statement that it has "violated" the access regulations of the center itself and the circulars issued by its secretary, as well as the Penitentiary Regulation itself. The Deputy Director of Treatment of Lledoners "facilitated" the access of the journalist and his two companions "saving" the "mandatory safety control circuit," UGT denounces.

Therefore, the union believes that it is a "very serious and flagrant breach" by the Deputy Director of security protocols, which "questions their suitability" to remain in charge for their behavior "so irresponsible."

For these facts, UGT claims the "immediate termination" of the Deputy Director of Treatment of the Lledoners Prison. However, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice says that the security cameras of this prison recorded the journalist leaving the cell phone, as is mandatory, before entering the center and keeping it in a locker, in addition to passing the corresponding security arches . . (tagsToTranslate) lledoners


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