UK Extends Coronavirus Confinement for Three More Weeks




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The population in the United Kingdom will have to stay inside their homes “at least for the next three weeks”, confirmed this afternoon Dominic Raab, Foreign Minister and temporary substitute for the Prime Minister Boris Johnson as you continue to recover from coronavirus.

During the daily briefing offered by the British Government, Raab explained that the extension of the confinement is justified in the fact that the expert committee does not yet know for sure if the outbreak has already reached its highest peak, so it is necessary that people continue to follow the authorities’ instructions to “stay home, protect the NHS (national health system) and save lives”) until scientists and doctors can be sure that the outbreak is under control. Raab warned that “the worst thing we could do is relax too soon. It would be the worst not only for public health but also for the economy and the country in general, “he said.

In response to questions from journalists, who wanted to know if “at least” three more weeks means that the extension will be much longer, the also first secretary of state limited himself to insisting that the Executive will take “the right decisions at the time correct ”and that it is not possible to anticipate that it will happen beyond May.

However, some government sources cited in the anonymity by British media have ensured that the measures could continue even until June and gradually relax once the peak has been exceeded.

What Raab did detail are the five criteria that will be important for an exit from the blockade: be sure that the NHS can cope with the pandemic, evidence that shows a sustained and constant drop in daily mortality rates, reliable data that reflects that the infection rate is declining to manageable levels, the assurance that operational challenges will be manageable, that sufficient tests are available, and that the changes will not increase the risk of a second outbreak.

To this day, the Covid-19 has claimed the life of 13,729 people in the nation and 103,093 have tested positive in the test.


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