UK PM Reportedly Prefer Thousands of Bodies Piling Up Over COVID-19 Lockdown


LONDON – Prime Minister (PM) of England Boris Johnson reportedly made a statement choosing to let thousands of bodies pile up in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

The report was published The Times who cited unnamed sources. Shortly after the report emerged Monday, PM Johnson denied making any such claims.

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Sources cited The Times said that during the UK government debate in September 2020, Johnson described lockdown COVID-19 as a “crazy” policy, while raising concerns about the economic consequences of such measures.

The source claims that he told his aides at the time that there was no evidence lockdown successful. Johnson, the source continued, said that he would rather let the coronavirus pandemic go than enforce it lockdown second in England.

According to sources who are government insiders, PM Johnson also voiced regret about lockdown the first was when he compared himself to the mayor of the famous film “Jaws” who ordered the coast to remain open in the face of the risk of a shark attack.

However, in fact, the British Prime Minister finally announced lockdown second last October.

Downing Street or PM Johnson’s Office were quick to deny the reports The Times, dubbing it a “gross distortion of its position”.

“During this COVID-19 pandemic we have done everything we can to save lives and protect livelihoods,” said a spokesman for the office.

Report The Times comes after Johnson on Monday denied separate allegations related to question policy lockdown as “trash”.

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“She is OK lockdown– let the bodies pile up high in the thousands !, “said the source, who claimed to be mimicking PM Johnson’s remarks made in late October 2020 after Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove warned him that soldiers would be needed to guard a hospital that is overwhelmed with COVID-19 victims.

Asked if he made such a statement, the prime minister said no. He added that the people wanted the government to ensure that lockdown was successful.

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