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Ukraine erases soccer player Tymoshchuk from its history for ‘traitor’

Kyiv, Ukraine /

From being an illustrious national team with a World Cup past to now being cataloged as a “traitor of the fatherland”. That is the unsuspected story of Anatoliy Tymoshchukwho was ukrainian captain and currently works as a technical assistant for the Russian club Zenit in St. Petersburg, one of the reasons why they have decided delete it from your history.

What is Tymoshchuk accused of in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian Football Federation announced that Tymoshchuk will be stripped of his license as a footballer and coach, your records with the national team will be deleted and that is declared little less than non-grateful person in his native Ukraineall because has not spoken out against the Russian invasion.

The harsh consequences have already been made official in a formal statement that can be read on the Federation’s website, but that does not imply an immediate effect. This is because to withdraw the license there have to be other legal issues, in this case, from Ukraine they request the dispossession.

Tymoshchuk He was a player of the Russian Zenit, the German Bayern Munich and the Ukrainian Shakthar Donestk as main clubs, played 144 games for the Ukraine National Teamwith four goals, four assists and was never sent off in a game.

The charges against Tymoshchuk for ‘traitor to the fatherland’

  • Anatoliy Oleksandrovych Tymoshchukborn on March 30, 1979, violates clause 1.4, part 4 of the article of the Code of Ethics and Fair Play of the Association.
  • The secretary of the Ethics and Fair Play Committee of the Association is ordered to contact the Regulation and Disciplinary Committee of the Association to deprive Tymoshchuk of his Pro-level coaching license.
  • Order the administration of the association to ask the authorities to deprive Tymoshchuk of all his honors and titles fees granted by the State.
  • Deprive Tymoshchuk of all his titles as champion or runner-up of the Ukrainian Championship, the Ukrainian Cup and the Ukrainian Super Cup.
  • Exclude Tymoshchuk from the official player registry of the national teams of the Association.
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