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Ukrainian general thanks Norway for howitzers – VG

The video above shows what is probably the Norwegian howitzer action in the Donbas. Now the head of the Ukrainian General Staff thanked Norway for its help in the war against Russia.


Updated yesterday 08:10

On the General Staff Facebook page, the Norwegian M109A3 Haubitseren is praised for having a larger caliber and ammunition that is more powerful than its Russian counterpart, and has a distance of 22 kilometers, writes Fremover.

General Valery Zaluzhny wrote the post. He writes that his soldiers easily learn to maneuver the howitzer in a week.

– I am deeply grateful to the Norwegian people for their effective help, the general writes and adds that the equipment is already in place in the war zone.

General Zaluzhny says: The soldiers quickly learned to treat the Haubites from Norway.

Their own artillery has been stored in Bjerkvik and Osmarka in Evenes since it was removed from service, and Fremover discovered that more than 20 of the decommissioned weapons had been fired on Setermoen in April.

When asked by the newspaper, a spokesman for the Defense Staff, Staff Sergeant Alexander Hage, confirmed that a firing test had been conducted to see if the equipment was still working.

In late May, Teknisk Ukeblad reported that U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin thanked Norway for arms contributions to Ukraine, but the Ministry of Defense would still not comment on either the number or type of weapons until this reached the end user.

The Ministry of Defense will not confirm the delivery of a certain type of weapon until all of them, possibly safely reach Ukraine, writes Fremover.

IN BATTLE: Photograph showing a Norwegian Haubitser fighting Russian forces.

A video verified by Faktisk Verifiserbar shows Norwegian artillery on the ground in Ukraine. The location has not been confirmed, but it is believed to be in Donbas, and the video was recorded on June 1 or earlier.

In fact, Verifiable can document that the wagons shown in the videos are M109. Verifiable means that it is very likely that these are of GN type.

This is a variant used by the Norwegian Armed Forces, and was not upgraded in the late 2000’s. These have been in stock in Norway for a number of years, writes Faktisk Verifiserbar.

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