Uldrik explains the situation in Swiss football; he does not intend to leave the club

While the Swiss Premier League championship has been suspended until April 30, but not canceled, during the coronavirus pandemic, Uldriķis is staying at his home in Switzerland, only going out to the store or running.

Team footballers have been sent a training plan in which most of the exercises can be performed without the need for special equipment. The footballer, who has his 22nd birthday today, does not have any equipment at home. In addition, the difficulty is that there is no other place to run than on the side of the road.

The Sion team is not training and the club base is closed. It’s been the third week since the last friendly match. A meeting is expected in mid-April, where there could be more clarity about the fate of the season. The previous one was canceled because the president of the Swiss Football Federation, Dominik Blaan, fell ill with the coronavirus.

A week ago, the club’s president, Christian Constantine, said goodbye to nine footballers who did not agree to a pay cut and who did not have enough time to contact their agents about the substance of the offer. Among the dismissed players are also Cameroonian footballer Alexander Songs, who has previously played for Arsenal and Barcelona in London and who helped Uldrikis progress a lot with advice.

“Sion was one of the first clubs in Europe to decide to reduce players’ pay,” says the Latvian footballer. “At first, as a team, we said no to get time and maybe start negotiations. The president fired the nine players, and then individual talks began. This document was explained, also in English. After that, I agreed. 20 per cent. “

In less than two years, Uldriķis has already had five different coaches in the club. And every Latvian has to prove himself again, but the player does not plan to move to another team.

Currently, the club is fighting for the preservation of the place in the super league, but it has won the Swiss Cup four times, twice – with the Latvian national team goalkeeper Andris Vaniņš. It has also reached the quarterfinals this season.

Due to the virus epidemic, two football matches of the Latvian national football team also took place at the end of March – on March 26 against Montenegro and on March 31 – against San Marino. Under the leadership of the new head coach of the national team Dainis Kazakevičs, the athlete has already played in the Latvian U-21 national team and remembers that the coach was able to achieve 100% concentration of all football players on the field.

The footballer, whose idols are Māris Verpakovskis and Brazilian star Ronaldinju, has been following Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovič more recently, who is also a tall and similar player.

“Sion”, which was at the top of the tournament table after the first round this season, is in the eighth position in the ten-team competition with 23 points in the same number of games.

As part of the Swiss Super League “Sion”, Uldriķis went on the field in 14 games this season and stood out with two goals. Last season, he scored four goals in 21 games.

Uldrikis moved to Switzerland in July 2018 from the Latvian Premier League club RFS, at that time sharing the third place in the list of the most successful players of the Latvian Football Super League. Prior to that, he represented the “Metta” / “University of Latvia” team for two seasons.

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