Ulrich Kienzle: Well-known ZDF presenter is dead

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TV journalist Ulrich Kienzle is dead

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Ulrich Kienzle, a former ZDF presenter who died at the age of 83

Source: dpa

In the 90s he moderated the magazine “Frontal”, the format “Hauser & Kienzle” also made him popular: TV journalist Ulrich Kienzle was one of the best-known ZDF faces in the 90s. Now the broadcaster mourns the Middle East expert.

Dhe well-known television journalist and Middle East expert Ulrich Kienzle is dead. The ZDF announced on Friday in Mainz. “Ulrich Kienzle was a top journalist,” said ZDF editor-in-chief Peter Frey.

“He took a closer look at the world on site to really understand the conflicts that he then reported on. With his desire to show edge and his mischievous humor, he wrote ZDF and television history alongside Bodo Hauser, ”he said. Kienzle was 83 years old.

Among other things, he headed the ZDF main foreign policy department. The man with the mustache and sonorous voice became known especially in the 90s as a moderator of the ZDF political magazine “Frontal”, in which he regularly engaged in verbal duels with his co-moderator Bodo Hauser.

Ulrich Kienzle (left) and Bodo H. Hauser once moderated “Frontal”

Source: dpa

This later became a popular show of its own: “Hauser & Kienzle and the opinion makers”. Kienzle primarily represented progressively “left” positions, while Hauser tended to be more conservative. Bodo Hauser passed away in 2004.

Embarrassing moments with Saddam Hussein

Kienzle was considered a profound connoisseur of the Middle East. According to ZDF, his interview with the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein became a “historical document”. However, he later distanced himself and, among other things, described his handshake with the potentate as “one of my most embarrassing moments”.

In his book “Farewell to 1001 Nights – My Attempt to Understand the Arabs” (2011), Kienzle then took a personal look at 40 years of the Middle East conflict.

The journalist, born on May 9, 1936 in Neckargröningen near Ludwigsburg, had started his career in the 1960s with Süddeutscher Rundfunk, then reported as an ARD correspondent from various Arab countries and changed to ZDF in 1990.


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