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UMCG: Hopeful first results of new corona vaccine

Friday, 9. July 2021 – 14:34 Update: 09-07-2021 15:19


“For the second phase of the research, the UMCG is now looking for 116 healthy volunteers who have not yet had another corona vaccine,” the UMCG said.

100% seroconversion

The first results of the Akston Biosciences vaccine research show a positive picture: the seroconversion is 100%, which means that the vaccine can offer very good protection against the coronavirus. All 60 study participants had an excellent antibody response with a single shot containing 90 micrograms of the vaccine. A much higher concentration of antibodies was also found in the vaccinated volunteers than in people who had a COVID-19 infection. Some volunteers experienced mild side effects similar to currently licensed vaccines. This may include feeling sore at the site of the injection shortly after the vaccination.

Volunteers wanted for phase 2

Now that this first phase has been successfully completed, the UMCG is again looking for volunteers for the second phase of the research. These are healthy people between the ages of 18 and 85 who have not had the corona virus and have not yet received another corona vaccine. Participants do not lose the right to receive another corona vaccine later.

No placebo

Everyone who participates in the study will receive a vaccine. Therefore, no placebo was used in this study. Volunteers receive €500 for participating in the study. There is also a recruitment fee of €200 for each suitable participant that is nominated. The aim is to further investigate the safety, tolerability and response of the immune system to the vaccine.

Other type of vaccine

The Akston vaccine is based on a spike protein, which is fused to a protein fragment of a human antibody. The vaccine is contained in a liquid or adjuvant that enhances the immune response. No genetic material is used in this type of vaccine. It is therefore not an mRNA vaccine and does not use any other virus.

Importance of global vaccination

The Akston vaccine can be stored in the refrigerator and keeps well at room temperature for up to four weeks. It is therefore easy to transport to other parts of the world, where storage temperatures of -80 °C (the storage temperature of the currently registered vaccines) are impossible and the vaccination coverage is low; such as in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Prevent new variants worldwide

By vaccinating as many people as possible worldwide, we prevent the emergence and spread of new variants of the virus. A total of 11 billion vaccines are needed to achieve this. Akston already has more than 250 million vaccines ready. Once the research has been completed and approved by the official authorities, they can be used.


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