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Una Vita Anticipations 18 October 2020: Liberto attempts suicide …

Let’s see together the Previews of Una Vita for the episode of 18 October 2020. In the Plots of the Episode broadcast on Canale5, the neighbors are in pain for Liberto who has disappeared from Acacias. Everyone fears that the Seler wants to commit suicide.

Let’s see together the Advances of A life for the bet of 18 October 2020. Nelle Weft gods two episodes of the soap broadcast at 14.20 on Channel 5, Freed has disappeared from Acacias and the neighbors look for him everywhere, frightened that the Seler wants to end it. The man headed to the banks of the river where he is Rosina they kissed for the first time but is she really going to commit suicide? in the meantime Felipe reveals a Genoveva never had any interest in her.

Anticipations One Life: Liberto disappears from Acacias

Liberto is on the brink of the abyss. The Seler, after that Rosina she said she decided to leave Acacias for Portugal, she turned to alcohol. This is the only way to soothe his pain and erase his memories. The man is perfectly aware that he is the one and only responsible for what happened and will continue to blame himself for having lost the woman he loves. In fact, Rosina is unable to go on and give her husband a second chance.

Liberto attempts suicide in this episode of Una Vita on October 18, 2020

Rosina entrusted Liberto to Casilda and the maid immediately rushed to Seler’s aid, after seeing him drunk. The girl has indeed warned Susana who, in turn, asked neighbors to keep an eye on his grandson. Freed however it suddenly disappears and everyone in Acacias thinks that, exhausted by pain, the man has hidden himself to commit suicide. Liberto actually headed to the banks of the river, where he and Rosina kissed for the first time.

Una Vita Anticipazioni: Felipe breaks Genoveva’s heart

While in the neighborhood we try to understand if Freed really want get it over with – so that Rosinafrightened, she runs to look for her husband – Felipe reveals a Genoveva the whole truth. The lawyer confesses that he never loved her and that he tricked her into discovering her plan. Now that Alfredo was murdered, Salmeron is alone again and once again heartbroken.

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A life goes on the air Channel 5 every day at 2.10pm.

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