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Unbelievable barbarism, I’ve never seen anything like it, I’m crying with rage, the tennis player was furious

Done, conquered. Steven Diez’s fine footwork caused nothing but headaches for Steven Diez. The 31-year-old Canadian is happy to come to the net knowing that he has just advanced to the main stage of the tournament twice in sets 6: 4.

At least that’s how he’s convinced. However, his opponent Gijs Brouwer complains to the main referee of his own service, which in his opinion ended up in the car, so the return should not apply and the second submission should come.

And Iranian Chief Justice Amir Borghei is going to personally check the situation. “When I saw the Referee looking at the track, I couldn’t believe it at all. The ball was clearly good and he showed me a track that was a good meter next to the actual impact of the ball,” said the 292nd World Player. .

And he continued. “I showed him the right clue, but he insisted. That I’m right, the line judge confirmed, it was useless anyway. I don’t understand that something like this can happen at this level. If this happened to Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, or Kyrgios, all sports sites would write about it, “Diez continued angrily.

“It’s complete barbarism. There was no good eight minutes, the supervisor came, but he didn’t see the moment, so he had to trust the umpire referee. He told me he couldn’t do anything about it, but in private he admitted that he trusted my version more than from the main referee, “the Canadian player sadly.

The discarded Canadian also lost the entire match after sets 4: 6, 7: 5 and 6: 2. “I tried to concentrate on the match even then, but it was impossible. I wouldn’t want anyone like that to happen to him. I’ve seen a lot of mistakes, but not really. I know the referee didn’t do it on purpose, that he was just doing his thing. “he did it badly this time. In addition, this man did a lot of them,” the judge did not spare Diez.

After the match, the tournament supervisor invited the angry tennis player for a consultation again. “I told him I couldn’t come. I just said that I didn’t see the anger and that I could say something I would then regret, Diez added.

“Eventually I went to him, but I had to take a shower and calm down for an hour. When I got to him, he told me that he had already seen the incriminating moment on video and that I was absolutely right. But that the only thing I could do now to do is file a complaint, “the tennis player sadly.

“What happened was absolutely unbelievable. I was crying with anger and helplessness. I have had a difficult life, I have had a number of injuries, personal problems and just as I was starting to get back in shape, something like this will happen to me. , “added a native of Toronto, whose maximum in the ranking was 134th place.

His opponent and 361st player Gijs Brouwer qualified for the main competition, where he successfully managed the first round, in which he defeated the veteran of the tennis circuit, the Spaniard Feliciano López 6: 4, 6: 2.

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